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Job Responsibilities:

1, according to the company's objectives, responsible for the jurisdiction of the region's business work, develop and implement the market sales plan, management, maintenance, development channels, to complete the jurisdiction of the region's sales tasks and payment tasks;

2, the establishment and maintenance of customer relations within the jurisdiction of the region, conduct business negotiations, provide solutions for the potential customers to track regularly, regularly submit sales progress report;

3, to collect, organize, feedback first-line market information and provide analysis of the report for the company to provide valuable improvement programs, as well as the company's new products into the market to provide market support, put forward sales strategy, sales policy feasibility recommendations.

4, to complete the other leadership account of other work.

job requirements:

1, more than three years of relevant industry sales experience, priority admission;

2, high school or higher, professional marketing and mechanical priority admission;

3, male or female;

4, with strong analytical skills, to independent marketing, marketing, and have a good interpersonal relationships;

5, able to adapt to travel, priority admission.